Anybody can write

Well the header was to catch your attention….Just kidding, while Gustav always maintained anybody can cook, I do not harbor any such illusions when it comes to writing, well the simple matter of the fact being that I struggle when I write, more so when I write something which is beyond my comfort zone.

While I normally finish all my pieces in single sittings, stretching to hours if required (seldom since I only try to write short stories or poems since early schooldays), when I attempt to venture into alien territories, take the romance genre for e.g., my mind wanders, I falter, my pen stutters (figuratively since we all minions use word processors nowadays) and after having tried all avenues of the never arriving inspiration, I mechanically stride on and trash the outcome.

My close friends allude to my non-romantic nature which they proffer is the roadblock for authoring passionate, heart touching stories. Well I always beg to differ, on both the points! Firstly proposing in the backdrop of the grand canyons during the sun rise, while might not be termed as the most romantic act of the century, surely does not qualify as a non-romantic gesture either! And to add more credence to this, certainly not when it is a few years into the marriage…. 😀

So I deal with the handicap in ingenious ways (or so I like to think)….having failed to have divine interventions or creative genius moments, I made a decision. I shall henceforth turn all the romantic stories into thrillers, with my signature (another stuff I like to assume) twists at the end. I take it up as a challenge and love the act.

However it never ceases to amaze me, when I find famous writers tread into totally uncharted territories, quite late in their careers and actually flourish in the same! Detractors’ snide remarks aside, I loved the adult fiction from J.K.Rowling, Casual Vacancy to the Robert Galbraith’s Detective thrillers.

Recently I came to know about Stephen King’s Detective trilogy and just completed the first one, titled “Mr.Mercedes”. I do not possess a sufficiently strong vocabulary which would be able to render justice to the quality of the work and the happiness which I derived from reading the same. For authors like Gillian Flynn, this stuff is just another stroll in the park close to their heart. However for somebody who made a living (and too successfully I might say) authoring horror stuff pretty much throughout the entire active lifetime, plunging into a different genre so late could be suicidal. Well, for one the attempt could backfire and earn the ire of the mass following who would any day clamor for more of the usual stuff, stuff that has enthralled them over decades.

The second book of the series and the third (upcoming) books are on my reading list. But for now, I have jumped onto “After the Crash” by Michel Bussi. The next few books inadvertently happen to be best-sellers and translated works from French authors, for instance Pierre Lemaitre’s Camille Verhoeven trilogy….

Bring them on, I say…..



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