Who am I?

“So what? As per you I need to persevere…endlessly and then maybe someday I will be there?”

“Perseverance is a virtue….you don’t need to inculcate that for posterity you know”

“What kind of a guru are you? Weren’t you suppose to reveal my destiny?”

“I never proclaimed myself a guru…as far as I can remember it was you…and the others.”

“Ok, if that is so, then why do you charade as one? Why this ashram and all these rhetorics?”

“I built the derelict ashram for myself…to meditate….to gauge my presence in the world… not to be the cynosure of each and every eye in the world…why would I? Last I remember I was drawing a take home of 160k USD in 2012”

“You are just shirking your responsibilities….you like being in the thick of things, don’t you? The gifted child for the media…. the shrink who enlightened the likes of Fortune 500 CEOs”

“Well you must know, I never publicised….I never asked these so called superhonchos to visit me…I did not ask for these donations”

“Then what the heck did you want”?

“I….wanted to know my place in this universe….I wanted to know if I really warranted a thought in the larger macro scheme of things….if I was worth it? If I was supposed to help others, by reminding them of what they had forgotten”

“And, how did that pan out for you, Mr. Storyteller?”

“Ridicule me as you may son…..I won’t complain…I do not think I really need to justify myself.”

“And why do you think so?”

“Any explanation from my side would defeat the very purpose of my existence child….you are blinded by your angst and disappointment with the material things in the world…you might have been deceived by the ones whom you considered your true friends….but then who I am I to say how those friendships should have worked out? I see only the benevolence in every action…so I might interpret the actions of your so called close friends as actually beneficial for you…experiences that ought to have enriched you and helped you on in your journey in discovering your true self”


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