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We…the leaving

his smile labored…
his happiness contrived…
his look animated…
he walked down the plank…
with a smile on his lips…
and humming some obscure song…

drumming his fingers even in the air…
unable to see anything, he dint even care
his destination no longer mattered…
the wind rustled his unruly hair…
and caressed his tear stricken cheeks…

his heart light enough to fly
cheered him on…
as he fell the depths
his flailing arms spread out wide

the wind cushioned his fall
and the waters embraced him…
for some time there was darkness all around
his eyes burnt and his body felt light…

breaths were short and came in gasps
as his body struggled involuntarily
he saw at last his dreams deserting him
blown away in the form of mindless bubbles…

as he let his mind drift
and closed his eyes to experience the bliss…
it was then that he heard
the soul stirring song…
mermaids or not…phoenix or what…
he couldn’t fathom…

suddenly his eyes were blinded
by a shining light…
beckoned… he moved towards it
and left his earthly existence behind…



If pain had a brother
Would he be called sorrow
If hatred had an accomplice
Would he be called malice?

If the stars had another choice
Would they become the moon
If loneliness had brethren
Would they be called tomorrow?

If happiness was a myth
Would it be like the nectar
If a smile was rare
Would it become extinct?

If darkness was the companion
Would a lamp be the enemy
If the winds were a storm
Would life be a lighthouse?

If expectations were alien
Would life be sympathetic
If loss was the only constant
Would faith still be benevolent?

If it pains to laugh
Would you be the stimuli
If my words never seemed to stop
Would you hear my silence?

Some call it Love, I call it Life!

Stretched on the sunlit green grassfield
With limbs angled at disdain and
A gay abandon of the worldly pleasures
With a smile on the lips he lay idle on the ground…

He heard the cacophony, of the birds chirping
He smelt the fresh air fragrant with lilies
The rain soaked earth added a mystic flavor
The winds rustled the dry leaves on which he lay…

The wet grasses shone in the sunlight
The falling leaves created music in silence
As he lay with eyes closed and his soul peaceful
He realized heaven would be much the same.

At heart he felt lonely so
Some inexplicable reason made him long
He wondered if Lord would be so kind
As to fill his cup of happiness to the brimeth!

Then he heard her approaching footsteps
With the wind blowing in her long hair
A smile on her lips, mischief in her eyes
She sat beside him and caressed his weary face.

He felt his life was now complete
With her beside him, he longed for none
His life had come a full circle now
And he wanted this moment to last till eternity…


A drop of dry rain
a spatter of labored laughter
a golden ray of sunset over the water
and a grey landscape that abhors the colors

Surprised …bemused…disillusioned path
rocky terrain bereft of a hint of green
cloudy skies, thundering nights
cold hands clasped in some silent prayer…

Burnt and smelly candle wick
suspended air choking the lungs
clatter inside the head and heart
clamour of the voices begging to be heard…

Sunrise and cold breeze on the cheeks
dried pillows and falsified empty lives
endowing warmth inside and light outside
a clasped hand… never to let go…

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